The Gin Chronicles: A Scottish Adventure, Bridewell Theatre - Review

There's something about watching a recreated 'wireless' performance performed live that is innately fun, transporting oneself to 70 years ago when radio broadcasters adopted cut-glass accents and Dick Barton: Special Agent was a firm favourite on the wireless. The Gin Chronicles: A Scottish Adventure is very much a parody of that phenomenon, replete with a 'knowingness' for a 21st century audience.

Starring Hannah Brackstone-Brown, Robert Blackwood, Ben Cutler, Arabella Gibbins, Phoebe Higson and James Taylor Thomas, The Gin Chronicles sees amateur detective John Jobling and and his housemaid Doris Golightly travel to Edinburgh to find the missing Juniper berries – the requisite ingredient for gin.

With an abundance of 'silly faces', accents and sound effects, The Gin Chronicles is a fun way to spend your lunch hour or if you go to an evening performance, a complementary gin and tonic is given on your arrival. Not a bad way to begin a show!

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The Gin Chronicles: A Scottish Adventure runs at Bridewell Theatre, London until 22nd October 2016.

EVENING SHOWS - 7.30PM - 8.30PM (Mon - Sat)
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