Someone Found, Pleasance Theatre - Preview

'Wild' women have been feared since earliest times. From the legend of Lilith to the Grecian Bacchae, women who deviate from the submissive 'norm' have been treated with suspicion and contempt. Theatre company About Wolves have crafted a interesting tale, based on real life historical figure Cynthia Ann Parker.

Kidnapped by a Comanche War band in 1836, Cynthia Ann Parker lived with the Comanches for 25 years, refusing all attempts to ransom her back, before being forcibly recaptured and returned to Texas.

Someone Found is told largely from the perspective of Willam Parker (Sam Cornforth) - Cynthia's cousin, with Sadie Clark playing Virginia, Ami Sayers as Orlena Parker (Cynthia's sister) and Alex Reynolds (who wrote the play) as Cynthia.

Forced back into a way of life that had become alien to her, this 'second captivity' was beyond the will and ability of her former, blood family to understand. How could they comprehend what it felt like as a woman to have her three children and husband killed, and be wrenched from the ony way of life she's known for a quarter of a century? The fact her cousin's a Confederate soldier during the Civil War means sympathy and understanding aren't necessarily going to be readily available...

The notion of respecting cultures, whether they are indigenous or not, is sadly very much a development of modern times. But Someone Found's message about listening to the plight and wishes of women, as well as looking at the bigger picture is universally relevant.

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The preview of Someone Found ran at the Pleasance, Theatre on 10-12 November 2016. a full run of the show will take place next year.

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