January listings 2017

The Vaults,
Leake Street

25- 29 Jan | 6pm (1hr) | The Jazz Bar | vaultfestival.com [3]
Tickets £12 | vaultfestival.com/event/wayward [4]

A surreal musical cabaret with mischief in mind.

Cat Loud is a London-based writer and performer originally from the
Hebridean island of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland. She's
definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Wayward, her second solo cabaret show, sees the seemingly wholesome
Scottish lass still on the prowl for her next big adventure. A chance
encounter with a white rabbit after dark entices her into a secret
speakeasy, the playground of subversive mythical figures with mischief
in mind. One sip of Mother's Ruin and her life takes a turn for the
wicked in this politically-charged quest for empowerment and community.

Following the trail blazed by the likes of Camille O'Sullivan, Bette
Midler and Lady Rizo, Cat Loud's blend of storytelling and song is comic
and heartfelt, entertaining and poignant. She puts her soulful and
humorous stamp on an unlikely collection of contemporary and classic
songs, straddling the genres of blues, folk, jazz and pop from her
favourite wayward girls and other artists who capture the spirit of
sexual rebellion and hard-won self-awareness and freedom.

VAULT Festival 2017 runs from 25th January until 5th March at The
Vaults, Waterloo. For full programme and ticket information please visit

http://www.vaultfestival.com/ [3]
https://twitter.com/vaultfestival [6]
https://www.facebook.com/VaultFestival/ [7]
https://www.youtube.com/user/VAULTFestival/ [8]

Cat Loud Links
http://catloud.co.uk [9]
https://www.facebook.com/ThatCatLoud [10]
https://soundcloud.com/catloud [11]
https://twitter.com/thatcatloud [12] #ComeWayward

[1] http://www.catloud.co.uk/
[2] https://twitter.com/ThatCatLoud
[3] http://www.vaultfestival.com/
[4] http://www.vaultfestival.com/event/wayward
[5] http://catloud.co.uk/reviews
[6] https://twitter.com/vaultfestival
[7] https://www.facebook.com/VaultFestival/
[8] https://www.youtube.com/user/VAULTFestival/
[9] http://catloud.co.uk/
[10] https://www.facebook.com/ThatCatLoud
[11] https://soundcloud.com/catloud
[12] https://twitter.com/thatcatloud


Director: Rafaella Marcus
At The Hope Theatre, Islington, N1 1RL
Press Night: 7.45pm, Thursday 12th January 2017

Grimy Jazz Age masterpiece The Wild Party is the lust-fuelled story of an affair between two cabaret stars, and the final, fatal party they throw in their seedy Hollywood apartment. Queenie dances twice a night in the vaudeville, and Burrs is the clown who goes on after her act. In the apartment they share Queenie toys dangerously with Burrs affections, but when they throw a party they drag everyone into their ugly games. Brothers Phil and Oscar play the piano while Jack eyes both of them from the corner, and Queenie’s best pal Kate arrives late with a handsome new man on her arm.

Brought to life by just two actors, the syncopated rhythms and rhymes of Joseph Moncure March’s classic poem weave in and out of live music, songs and dancing in this new production that’s served soused in gin, jazz and sex.

Mingled Yarn Theatre return to The Hope Theatre following 2015’s The Window/Blank Pages with a lascivious tale of the Roaring Twenties.

Company Information
From Penelope’s loom to Charlotte’s Web, stories have been strung and woven for thousands of years. Mingled Yarn aims to continue the tradition in which drama began by taking old stories and new-minting them for our times. In exploring the oldest and most fundamental stories and plays, we have produced renovations and re-imaginings of classical texts, new plays devised from old tales, and adaptations of myths and books.

Our work has taken place all over the country in a range of theatres, workshops and site-specific locations. Working mostly with small, young casts we aim to create theatre that captures the thrill of being told a tale.

Artistic Director Rafaella Marcus trained in Theatre Directing at Birkbeck. She has directed at theatres across the country including Theatre503, the Arcola, Southwark Playhouse, the St James, Sheffield Theatres, and the Oxford Playhouse. She was long-listed for the JMK Award 2016.


The Hen & Chickens Theatre, Highbury & Islington
30th January, 7pm
£6 on the door

Come and see the short pieces we've selected to shortlist for our Showcase competition at The Hen & Chickens, 30th January at 7pm. We need your audience feedback more than ever, as the winner from the shortlisted performances, will go on to have their work developed and staged as a full length theatre production. For more information on the showcase go to www.blackshawonline.com [1]

Our New Writing Nights are all about helping writers, actors and directors improve their craft, to meet new creative new people, and help spark great ideas whilst never forgetting entertaining you, our audience.

So head out to the Hen & Chickens and grab a pint of old traditional...

.. Watch! - Our latest outstanding selection of rehearsed play readings.

... Take part! - Help the writers, actors and directors get the feedback they need. Jot down your thoughts, chat to our roving reporters, tweet at us, or chat to the artists in the bar afterwards. Tear it apart or tell us you love it - feedback is the name of the game!

... Don't worry that it's a school night! - We like to run a tight ship; if you need your beauty sleep, you can be on your way home by 9.30pm.

... But, never say never?! There's always someone who wants to stay for an extra pint, so never fear the lonely bar blues if you want to stay an extra hour or three.

Line-up to be released very soon. Deadline for writing submissions is 30th December, so get submitting to submissions@blackshawonline.com folks!

[1] http://www.blackshawonline.com/
[2] http://www.facebook.com/blackshawonline
[3] http://www.twitter.com/blackshawupdate

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