The Marked - Tobacco Factory Theatre

“There’s no one left in the sky watching us but demons”
(Homeless Miami Youth)

The Marked offers a series of dark and haunting imagery. An inside view into the surreal and uneasy world of those who have to make their lives on the streets. Eager to offer protection to those he feels are vulnerable too, Jack turns to the fantastical to offer his guidance. A simple torch is charged with infinite, protecting powers. He offers this to his new, pregnant friend, much to the dismay of an ever present pigeon and the glare of her agressive boyfriend. The demons of his past are still beside him, serving as an effective metaphor for the uncertain darkness of his world.

While The Marked is visually stunning, atmospheric and brilliantly performed by Dorie Kinnear, Tom Dawze and Bradley Thompson, there is a trajectory that seems to be missing. What we know of the characters is very minimal and little emerges to offer us insight through their dialogue and actions. The great success of this production lies in the visual. The technical perfection of their puppetry and ability to create an emotive and surreal landscape, highlights the ability that Theatre Temoin truly have, to create emotive and effective theatre. With a little further development on the journey of their characters, this piece has the potential to make an already strong piece, extremely powerful.

Director – Alin Conant
Associate Director – Will Pinchin
Creative Producer – Patrick Collier
Mask Design – Grafted Cede Theatre
Puppet Design – Peter Morton
Set and Costume Design – Zahra MAnsouri
Sound Design and Composition – Filipe Gomes
Lighting Design – Pablo Fernandez Baz
Assistant Director – Alfie Sowden
Script Consultants – Sarah Macguire, Dr. Vanessa Crawford
Participation Producer – Ciara Brennan
Production/Stage Managers – Chris Montague, Ina Berggren
Puppet Development – Alfie Sowden
Set Builders – Giorgio Ritucci, Frode Gjerlow
Scenic Painter – Emily Adamson.
Costume Assistants – Olwen Morrey, Katie Farquhar
Marketing Assistants – Natalie Allison, Ashley Davies
PR – Chloe Nelkin consulting
Graphic Design – Rebecca Pitt.

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