Here Comes Trouble Review - Blue Elephant Theatre

Keira Martin choreographs and performs this intelligent and engaging piece based on the trials and tribulations of her life, both as an Irish dancer and a woman.

Her immediate address with the audience in the form of a big, warm grin whilst wearing a vibrant Irish dress invites us into her world. She has us rooting for her and wanting her to succeed in the story she is about to tell!

After comedically showing us a trophy she won, Keira treats us to multiple routines of traditional Irish dance, which is performed skillfully and energetically. It’s hard to believe she came 11th in 1989!

The true heart of this one-woman show comes from Keira constantly asking the question “Where are you from?” This may have been a glimpse into her competition days with other children (possibly Irish) wondering about her Yorkshire accent. Heritage is clearly important to Kiera throughout this piece, as she explores her family history throughout Yorkshire, Ireland and Jamaica.

A mention must be given to the composer of original music used in this production, Jamie Roberts. The atmosphere was truly created by the music and dance sections, which matched so perfectly. There were times when I closed my eyes, listened to Keira’s speaking and Jamie Roberts’ excellent compositions and found myself imagining the Irish seaside.

The juxtaposition of Keira’s comedic character and the darker, hard-to-watch sections made for a visceral show which left me wanting to hear more of her story.

Overall, an exciting and personal performance with expressive movement that showed her struggle as well as accomplishments.

Keira Martin will be at the Edinburgh Fringe at 6pm in Studio 3, Dance Base.

(c) 2017 Molly Miller

Choreographer - Keira Martin
Director - Charlotte Vincent
Costume and Set Design - Ryan Laight
Lighting Designer - Huw Williams
Composer - Jamie Roberts

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