Snow Globe - Review

Kid Carpet has hired a snow globe from Gary Barlow and is hoping for a white Christmas.

Cue antics involving a sarcastic intelligent fridge, snow women and evil puffins. The knockabout nature of the show appeals to the young audience. Especially fun are the moments when the audience joins in, whether for a Mexican wave or for a snowball fight.

The stage, shaped like a snow globe, is eye-catching and the pay-off at the end works well. The audience are invited to believe in a glass outer dome which, to much amusement, is broken by Clare Taker (Susie Donkin).

Although Kid Carpet is the lynchpin, Donkin is the star of this show. She multi-roles effortlessly from, among other roles, a weather presenter, an explorer and an unlikely Kylie Minogue. Donkin has a warm, welcoming presence. Kid Carpet’s upbeat, funky music and witty lyrics add plenty of energy. The final medley containing a series of well-known children’s rhymes done in a hip-hop style is particular catchy and provides a rousing ending to the performance.

Some of the cultural references for the adults feel a little outdated but this is an enjoyable Christmas show.

© Samantha Coughlan December 2017

Snow Globe

The Lantern @ Colston Hall

6th December 2017
1st Dec 2017 - 7th Jan 2018

1 hour

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