'A Collection of Hormones' by Joanna F. Morley

Whilst there are hundreds of successful female poets published throughout the centuries, poetry is still very much thought of as a "man's world". When we think of poetry we think of Blake over Rossetti or Byron over Barbauld; sub-consciously dismissing the hundreds of female wordsmiths who have fought to be heard for such a long time.

According to The Guardian, not a single female appeared on the top 100 artist sales list 2012. Unfortunately, these kind of statistics aren't just confined to the arts. The same can be found in any industry in the world - men are favoured over women - and sometimes, as a woman in the arts, it feels to me as though this will never change.

Times do change, however, and the female voice, constant but over-powered by that of the male in literary history, is slowly rising above it's testosterone-fueled patriarch. Slowly but surely, like a snail scaling Everest, female artists are being noticed. Not all is doom, gloom and over-powering testosterone in the ever-increasing world of female artists. Every so often a piece of work appears that gives others hope and encourages us all...

For today that piece of work is Joanna F. Morley's "A Collection of Hormones" - the debut anthology of poetry - published in September 2012 by Grange House Publishing and available though the Nielsen Database and Amazon. This anthology is one of, what Morley hopes to be, many anthologies to come and a collection she has been working on since she was 13 years old. Understandably excited for this venture she has worked so hard to actualise, Morley said of the project that she "will continue to put together more books for a full series up until I die".

Clearly passionate and hard working with an unwavering sensibility, Morley could just become, years from now, the name we all think of, when we think of poetry.

(c) Sophie Porter 2013

A Collection of Hormones on Kindle available via Amazon

Joanna F. Morley is on twitter @purplefreefall

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