Interview with Charlotte De'allie

You write, perform stand-up and DJ – tell us more…

- I got into stand up after doing a comedy writing course in 2004. My first gig was at a Thursday night open mic night at the 3B’s pub in Reading. Then I spent 18 months performing at venues in Bristol, London and Reading and took part in Channel 4’s ‘Do you think you’re funny?’ competition.

How long were you involved in radio for? What did you learn?

- I DJ’d at Reading college for three years –now Thames Valley University – my friend worked there and arranged an audition with the producer. I started with a one hour show in the afternoon. The technical training was good, I enjoyed having guests on the show and playing an eclectic range of music.

You used to be a journalist – what kind of writing did you do?

- When I was 21 I did a year’s journalism course at Portsmouth approved by NCTJ (National Council Training of Journalism).

Who are your comedy heroes?

- My comedy influences are Harry Enfield, Steve Coogan – The Trip, Peter Kay, Frank Skinner, David Baddiel, Marx Brothers physical comedy, Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais. I’m going to see Stephen Merchant’s ‘Hello Ladies’ stand up this summer. The Cemetary Junction film made Reading look idyllic.

Tell me more about the shows you’ve worked on – best gig?

- Windsor arts centre was my favourite gig, it went well when I improvised there. Another memorable stand up was at the Coopers pub in Market place, Reading when my friends turned up to support me but did all the heckling.

You’ve done a lot in different creative areas – is there anything you haven’t tried that you’d like to do?

- Make some 'old masters' from plasticine or play doh. I'm thinking of starting on a statue of David originally by Michaelangelo, and maybe put a playful carrot in there in the name of modernity.

Do you think there is equality in the workplace? If not then why?

- No I don't think there's any equality, simply because I am earning so much less than my line manager. Unfair!

How do you achieve a work/life balance?

- At home, I change into my Batman jim jams, lie on the carpet and eat cake. Mind you I do the same at work.

Who do you find inspirational?

- Ricky Gervais, Peter Kaye & Joan Rivers. Joan has got the best face ever.

Biscuits or jaffa cakes?

- If I can choose a biscuit? Yes, definitely biscuits then. A nice M&S raspberry Viennese. Yes, it is a biscuit, honest not a composer.

Occupation : Writer, DJ and performer

Position: Freelance

Location : Reading, Berkshire


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