Camden Fringe

This week saw the start of the 8th Camden Fringe run by two hardworking and inspirational ladies - Michelle Flower and Zena Barrie. I take my hat off to them, not only were they the co-artistic directors of the Etcetera Theatre in Camden until 2012, they also organise arguably the largest fringe festival in the UK after Edinburgh. Many productions tour both London and Edinburgh - so even if you can't get up to Scotland you can see the same level of talent and diversity closer to home.

This year Female Arts are reviewing 33 shows at the Camden Fringe (and counting) we hope to bring you a comprehensive coverage of shows that have a strong female presence, whether that be writer, director, cast or subject matter.

Please check out our listings for relevant productions that we think you should see. Many shows are on for less than a week, so don't wait for our reviews, decide now!

All our friends are dead
Lend Me Your Ears
I Am Happy
Me and My Big Mouth
Gender the Elephant
Tea with Terrorists
Sarah Jones Does Not Play Well With Others
Psycho-Geography: An Exercise to Remember My Future
The Hard Comedy: Offline
Very Still and Hard to See
The Wrong Side of Right
The Family Plot
Whispers turn into a Cry
Chris is Dead
A Girlband
Italian Misfit
Stag Nation
Dirty, Flirty, Thirty
Pot Noodles & Knickers
The Destruction of Kreshev
Suzanna Gonzo : Dark Lady
Two Heads are Better than One
Too Cool To Care
No One Belongs Here More Than You
The Bellydancer
Four Femmes on the Thames
Paris, Mon Amour
An Insomniac's Guide To Ambulances
The Philosopher's Tale
Herding Cats
My Dad Sucked Lemons With Bela Bartok
On the Permanence of Fugitive Colors
To Sleep
Warde Street
The Collector
Making It!
Truly, Madly, Keighley
Nuclear Winter
Death By Karaoke
Oyster Boy
Laughter on the Brain

The Camden Fringe runs from 29th July to 25th August with 180 productions at over 17 venues!