Homeopathy and more with Marianne Ralph

Marianne Ralph has six years training from the British School of Homeopathy and she abides by the codes and ethics of the Society of Homeopaths. Marianne trained in meditative yoga (Raja Yoga) and also in comedy theatre.

Marianne says, “My aim is to be balanced in life. It is my wish to be as integrated and happy as I can be; bringing love, energy, laughter and light into what I do.
I try to exercise most days with short runs around the block. I am trained in anatomy and physiology.”

Marianne trained with one of the finest specialists in holistic medicine – she also trained directly with Dr, Mehta the founder of Indian Head Massage. Marianne qualified in Reiki three years ago and more recently qualified in Thai foot massage. She also uses kinesiology (muscle response testing) in diagnosis.

Marianne's website with full contact details: http://www.berkshirehomeopath.co.uk

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