The missing half of equal rights - men

There is an article in Uplifit Magazine about male feminists and if such a thing is possible?

Are women hindered because traditional ‘womens’ activities (childrearing, homemaking) are not appreciated by society?

My personal opinion is that women have not achieved equality in business and other areas of society, not just because of opposition from men, but because some women do not support women, instead they promote men in preference. Perhaps they see other women as a threat to their position or they view women as less valuable (because of the home-making, childrearing connotations).

Obviously not all women act this way and feminists support women. But not all women are feminists. (Although some men are.)

Female Arts wants to buck this trend and is a place for women to be heard and seen.

The article ‘Man Friendly Feminism’ got me thinking about the men who have supported me and I'd like to give a shout out to them, without whom many of my projects, including Female Arts, would not exist:

Tim Byrne - website designer of Female Arts
John Mullaney - illustrator
David Greaves - photographer
Phil Matthews – Editorial Director Fourthwall magazine
Tony Fisher – screenwriter and tutor at the Central School of Speech and Drama
John Park - Editor Fringe Report
Phil Creighton - Features Editor at the Reading Post
Ian Holgate, Dominic Hood, Oli Stephens and Nigel Quin in my writing group
Keith Wright – Director at Quintiles
Tim Winther – Director at Scottish Widows
Rob Devey – CEO of Prudential UK
Terry Clark-Ward – brother and Director of the Queens School of English
Alex Thomson – husband and n.o.1 supporter

In memoriam, Alan Clark-Ward, Alan Read and Patrick Fitzmaurice.

(c) Wendy Thomson 2011