Cheap theatre tickets for the under 30's

It annoys me when promotions discriminate by age like this but there you go...

Blue Fairy Theatre in association with FallOut Theatre and Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre present

The World Premiere of
by Nick Gill
Directed by Kate Wasserberg
5 - 30 July 2011

as part of the annual VIBRANT - A Festival of Finborough Playwrights 2011

"You might at least say thank you, Jenny. I've been out digging a hole for your boyfriend all night. Not to mention severing his legs. Have you ever severed a leg? It's not as easy as it looks. Not with a blunt spade."

Jane is a housewife. James sells guns. They live in one of the larger cities in our country and are both terrified of ethnic youths who might well be wearing hoods and carrying knives, or something. All is well in the Jones household, until their sexually frustrated eighteen year old daughter Jenny brings home her new boyfriend, Kwesi Abalo...

This smart, visceral show has its finger on the pulse of the contemporary national psyche: it's a terrifying exploration of guilt, shame and the violence latent in even the tamest suburban existence. Essential viewing for students interested in the way we live today.

REDUCED RATES: From 5 - 9 July only, £5 tickets for UNDER 30's; book online at

This production is an unmissable exploration of prejudice, arms dealing and what it means to be English; make sure you book online for your amazing £5 tickets before it's too late.