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Short Film competition

A short film competition is being funded by British Airways and managed (and eventually produced) by Tomboy Films. The website with the full details is

There is a prize of £25,000 for the winning script and a substantial production budget to produce the film by the beginning of next year. The ONLY qualifying factor is that all entrants must be UK passport holders. Their level of experience and status is not important - so it's equally open both to entirely new and to thoroughly established writers.

The film is NOT going to be a commercial for British Airways, they are purely funders of the competition, and there is no "marketing" brief or commercial element to it. They simply want to make a great short film that they can show in the run up to the London 2012 Games. Richard E Grant is judging the competition and it's being run in association with BAFTA.

They want to make a short film based on an original story that sums up what it’s like to live in the city that is hosting the 2012 Games. London’s going to be transformed by the Games and the lives of many people from every aspect of our society will be affected. We want a film that is dramatic, emotional and inspirational. We will work with some of Britain’s best film-making talent to turn the winning story into a powerful and memorable short film. We are looking for the story that is at the heart of this.

Submissions need to be in the form of a proposal of about 500 words.

There is also an Art competition judged by Tracey Emin
and a Food competition judged by Heston Blumenthal

The deadline for all three competitions is Wednesday 27th July 2011

In addition there are free flights to win - the deadline for this is September 2011