The Apprentice 2011

So it’s all over for another year as Tom the inventor wins the series and starts a business with Lord Sugar or just ‘Sugar’ as Jim, the Irish chap likes to call him.

I’ve enjoyed this year’s candidates so lets take a closer look at the female entrepreneurs –

Melody Hossaini – What was her business? A social enterprise called InspirEngage, which enables children to become empowered… having looked at her websites it seems that Melody travels the world as a motivational speaker giving presentations and attending conferences with young people, inspiring them to become leaders of tomorrow.

Felicity Jackson – having trained as an actor Felicity started a business called Surviving Actors which holds conferences for actors giving them training in various fields including work to do when you’re out of acting work. The next conference is in Manchester this Saturday the 23rd July 2011.

Susan Ma – she began making her own cosmetics and selling them in Greenwich market as a teenager and now has her own skincare company called Tropic Skin Care at only 21 years old. With her flawless complexion I’m sure she will do well with her own range or as another cosmetic company’s representative.

Ellie Reed – ‘tough Northener’ Ellie has had two successful businesses and has just launched her third. A&E group which makes me think of hospital, is a construction (unfortunate irony) supplier which provides cleaners (business 1) or labourers (business 2) to that industry. Ellie has now set up her own consultancy to encourage young people to become the entrepreneurs of the future.

Edna Agbarha – Business psychologist Edna holds two Master’s degrees and set up a consultancy – it all sounds quite HR - she holds workshops to develop in house talent and claims to improve employees long term behaviour. She also wears slightly intimidating (dominatrix?) gloves. A force to be reckoned with!

Not all the ladies started their own businesses, but they did well working for others – the rest were:

Natasha Scribbins works in recruitment. Zoe Beresford works for the family business. Both Zoe and Ellie have battled cancer and overcome it. And runner up Helen Milligan hasn't started her own company yet although I’m sure she’d do well in something food related.

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