Gender and Performance (GAP) Salon

In December I attended a Gender and Performance salon in London. These are monthly meetings to discuss gender - and performance ... this could be interpreted as women in theatre but is much more than that - and men are welcome.

Co founded by Amy Clare Tasker, Susan Crothers and Kate Baiden the group grew out of a conversation in the League of Professional Women in Theatre, and is a much welcome place where people can meet in person, after networking online or elsewhere!

At the December salon I was really pleased to meet Sam Hall founder of 17 percent, if you are a female playwright do check out her site!

If you'd like to join, please go to: GAP Salon on facebook

GAP Salon website
GAP Salon on twitter @GAPsalon
League of Professional Women in Theatre on facebook

NEXT MEETING is Monday 13th Jan 2014 at 7pm.

From the GAP Salon 'About'

The GAP (Gender And Performance) Salon is a London, UK based group which meets on the first Monday of each month.

We hope for a theatre that recognises the full spectrum of humanity's potential. We hope for a theatre that encourages voices not yet heard to come to the fore. We hope for a theatre that is a fair and fearless place for many kinds of artists to make their work. We hope for a conversation.

The Salon is an informal space where artists and advocates can meet, exchange ideas, and support each other. Many organisations and individual artists are advocating for better gender representation in theatre, out in the world every day doing important work. But are we aware of the vastness of our own movement? How much stronger could we be if we knew our allies? We hope to help organisations to find enthusiastic new members, and empower individuals to initiate new actions.

The Salon is open to all!
Wherever you land on the gender spectrum; whatever your age, ethnicity, or orientation; whether you’ve just graduated from drama school or just transferred a show to the West End; whether you’re fiercely feminist or equality-curious: you are welcome.

If you are interested in the intersection of gender and theatre -- the balance of women and men onstage and behind the scenes; the cultural gatekeepers who decide what stories we put onstage; gender-conscious casting; the shockingly low percentage of new plays by women; the presence and visibility of artists who identify outside of a male/female binary; gender dynamics from the rehearsal room to the boardroom; challenges faced by artist parents; career advancement opportunities and mentorship for women entering the field; or any related issues you’d like to bring up -- then come and join the conversation.