Interview with EastEnd Cabaret

photo © Derek Bremner

photo © Derek Bremner

Those adventurous amorous EastEnd Cabaret ladies, or rather one lady and one half lady in the form of Bernadette Byrne & Victor Victoria caught up with Female Arts to tell us about their interests (not necessarily in the following order) – gin, sex, music, the Antipodes and more gin:

• How did you meet and when did you start working together?
VV: We've known each other ever since we were children -
BB: but we only formed the show about a year ago, I realised that I couldn't get rid of Victy so I may as well make use of her musical talents.

• What is a highlight of your career to date?
BB: Being on the front cover of Time Out London in January was absolutely amazing.
VV: And our sell out run at the Butterfly club in Melbourne (Australia) was also very exciting.

• What is the favourite part of your job? And least favourite?
BB: The free gin is definitely my favourite.
VV: Definitely.
BB: I can't really think of a negative.
VV: Except maybe the hangovers after over-indulging on the gin.

• How did you get into music and who are your musical influences?
BB: I have always sung, and Victy has always played instruments ever since we were small.
VV: And I grew up listening to Weill, Satie, & Madonna, amongst so many other great music makers of our time.

• Is there a Mrs Little Red Book?
BB: No. Mr. Little Red Book keeps his personal life a mystery, we only know him on a professional level.

• The Revolution Will Be Sexual - do you think there is equality in the workplace?
BB: I don't think so, but that is why we are working with Mr Little Red Book.
VV: We need to show the people that sex is the one and only way to equalise the masses.
BB: More sex, and better sex. For everybody.

• What’s been your worst gig?
BB: We were booked to be the entertainment at a monthly church group meeting.
VV: It did not go so well.

• How do you maintain a work/life balance?
BB: Victy works, I live.

• Who do you find inspirational?
VV: Josephine Joseph, one of the most famous half men, half women from the sideshows of Coney Island.
BB: I find many of the people we work with inspirational - the fabulous Miss Sarah-Louise Young and of course Miss Holly Penfield.

• What advice would you give to others wanting to get into cabaret?
BB: Originality and innovation are essential -
VV: as well as hard work, and a sneaky flask of gin.

• What are your plans for 2012?
BB: We are planning another Australian tour - Perth fringe, Adelaide fringe and the Melbourne comedy festival.
VV: Then maybe New York, Berlin, the Bahamas. Who knows?

• Sickle or Hammer?
BB: One cannot live without the other.

EastEnd Cabaret are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe in their show The Revolution Will Be Sexual find out more here:

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