Interview with Erin Layton: A General Sense Of Justice

Erin Layton is not Irish. But if you have seen her in Magdalen, you will probably think that she is. Erin Layton, very fond of “impersonations and mimicking since a very early age”, the writer and multiple character performer of Magdalen is an impressively insightful young woman from St Louis Missouri, whose Irish roots have been beautifully intertwined with her feminist anxieties.

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MAGDALEN - Edfringe review

Unwed mothers, unsuspected rape victims, prostitutes, mentally disturbed women and little orphaned girls are promised absolution from sin and eternal membership of Paradise if they entrusted themselves to the ‘care’ of nuns in Ireland’s notorious Magdalene Laundries. Erin Layton is superb. Edfringe 2015

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