Russian Dolls

RUSSIAN DOLLS, King's Head Theatre - Review

In recent years there have been a number of plays dealing with Millenials and the aged taking time to know each other, with Gina Moxley's Tea Set and Clara Brennan's Spine immediately springing to mind. However, in both those cases, the plays were one-woman shows, told from the point of view of the younger woman. In Kate Lock's play Russian Dolls, the meeting of the different generations is played out for us to see, and the age difference between them is the least of their problems...

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Russian Dolls by Kate Lock

Winner of the 2015 Adrian Pagan award for playwriting, Kate Lock’s wise and witty new drama celebrates cross-generational relationships and lays bare the extraordinary virtue of self-determination. King’s Head Theatre, London 5th – 23rd April 2016

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