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Gina is a natural born creative and enjoys working this way. Gina is fairly new to writing, reviews and interviews. Gina's first reviews and interviews were for community urban magazine Boom. Gina has worked for Listening Books and RASP, performed with the African dancer Peter Badejo, fantastic collaborations with Joanna Marcella, Bob Johns - Photojournalist, Rosie Kaye Dance Company and Community Vibes CIC. Gina started showing work on creative social media/networks since 2013. Gina has a degree in Fashion & Textiles. Gina's work is created from urban surroundings and nature. Hence the business name Electric Nature Designs. Images can be found on Pinterest, twitter @sureconnectmi, Society6, Talenthouse, Behance, Linkedin, etc. Gina exhibited at a Shoreditch art exhibition, Artrix Summer Art Exhibition 2015 and West Midlands based galleries. At present Gina does not have representation from agents or art gallery. But does take commissions.


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